From multi-scale chemical synthesis to specialty manufacture.

GlycoSyn’s  cGMP facilities can manufacture APIs by chemical synthesis at multi kilogram scale for use in pre-clinical and clinical trials.

We cater to a wide range of clients from large pharmaceutical companies to small biotech startups.


GlycoSyn has conventional R&D and QC laboratories. We also have three cGMP manufacturing areas including a multi-product 6,000ft2 (560m2) cGMP compliant, intrinsically safe manufacturing facility, and a dedicated cGMP compliant peptide synthesis facility.

Our concentrated expertise and nimble business model mean we are especially good at producing compounds that intrinsically require small-scale manufacture, such as potent vaccine adjuvants, orphan drug/rare disease APIs, or specialty commercial manufacture of key cGMP ingredients.


Our Equipment

  • 60L glass reactor (-75 to +130 degrees)image
  • 250L glass-lined reactors & 1000L SS reactors
  • Biotage chromatography
  • Freeze-drying and ultrafiltration
  • 50L Hastelloy hydrogenerator (60 bar)
  • Hastelloy vacuum filter-dryer (area 0.2 sq.m; -20° to + 140°C; full vacuum to +3bar)
  • HEL reaction calorimeter & differential scanning calorimeter