Principal Process Development Chemist

Dr Steven Toms’s research interests are wide-ranging–spanning carbohydrates, dendrimers, peptides, natural products and organometallics–reflecting his interest in exploring new areas of organic chemistry.

It was this interest that has led him to his role at GlycoSyn, where his breadth of expertise is often called upon on for commercial projects ranging from route design and development to the synthesis of an API.

"I enjoy the diversity of the organic chemistry we are involved in at GlycoSyn," he says. "Although our speciality tends to be projects requiring carbohydrates, a wide range of other targets such as dendrimers, heterocycles, lipids, polymers and nucleotides are commonly requested. What I enjoy most about the work is solving chemistry problems for clients that are passionate about their projects."

Steven started his research career investigating new methodology for the phosphorylation of alcohols and working toward the total synthesis of macrocycles during his PhD study at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne in the UK.

After graduating, he moved to Arizona for a two-year post-doc position with Professor George Pettit (Director, Cancer Research Institute), where he synthesized pro-drugs for prostate cancer. This was followed by another two-year post-doc position, this time with Professor Stephen Davies at the University of Oxford. Steven researched new methodologies for the addition of chiral lithium amides to a variety of acceptors.

After moving to New Zealand, Steven spent several years at the Ferrier Research Institute, a Joint Venture Partner of GlycoSyn, where he carried out commercial and research-based carbohydrate and dendrimer projects. He then joined the GlycoSyn team in 2014.


An up to date list of Dr Steven Toms’s research publications is available here.