GMP Projects Manager

Dr Karen Johnston oversees projects and ensures quality processes are maintained during cGMP manufacturing for GlycoSyn clients. She takes on cGMP projects of all scales for clients and has a wide breadth of experience with different chemistries. “Having that variety of work is rewarding, and while large-scale work is more typical, it's valuable to have smaller-scale experience as well—both have their challenges.

"I enjoy working in a quality system like this one. There are logical policies and procedures to follow, and seeing the project move through the process and come together and all the documentation that comes with that is satisfying."

"While working in a cGMP environment can be challenging, it's also rewarding. There is the opportunity to work closely with clients and find solutions that meet their deadlines and meet the quality standards of the system.”

Dr Johnston studied Chemistry at Heriot-Watt University, in Scotland, and undertook a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the University of Edinburgh before moving to New Zealand.