Derek Watt
Principal Process Development Chemist

As GlycoSyn's Principal Process Development Chemist, Dr Derek Watt says every day is different: "We have a wide variety of projects, resulting in many challenges. The result is that the work is continuously engaging.

"Working in process development, you're taking ideas and turning them into physical manifestations that are of use to our clients, and have the potential to extend the greater good­­—it makes the work not only engaging but worthwhile."

Dr Watt studied Chemistry at the University of Otago, where he received his PhD in 1995. He says he was drawn to Carbohydrate Chemistry in particular for the way it brings together chemistry and biology.

"Carbohydrates are ubiquitous in biology, and chemistry is a powerful tool for their syntheses and manipulation. In this way, both biology and chemistry can be explored with carbohydrate chemistry."

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