Applying GlycoSyn’s technical expertise

As highly experienced carbohydrate chemists and small molecule specialists, GlycoSyn has already built a distinguished track record in chemo-enzymatic synthesis, and the development of enzyme inhibitors and vaccine adjuvants to help advance the treatment of cancers and neurodegenerative diseases.

GlycoSyn can also apply its exceptional expertise in R&D, synthetic route development, scale-up synthesis, and analytical method development for GMP manufacture to a broader range of pharmaceutical research areas. Areas suited to our capabilities include:

Rare disease market

GlycoSyn is successfully working with some of the world’s largest orphan drug companies to manufacture GMP-grade commercial ingredients, advanced intermediates and small molecule drugs/therapeutics.  

Custom glycan arrays

GlycoSyn has the carbohydrate expertise and analytical capability to develop complex custom glycan arrays for use in diagnostics, biomarker detection, screening and the development of more effective synthetic vaccines.

Process development & redevelopment

GlycoSyn’s is able to apply its considerable process development expertise to helping clients boost the efficiency of their synthetic processes for both small and large molecules.  

Analytical standards

GlycoSyn’s expertise can be used to replicate existing analytical standards or develop new ones to help promote more accurate patient screening and efficient treatments.

We routinely prepare analytical standards for our clients. Such standards include deuterium-labelled compounds, impurity markers, enantiomeric standards and highly purified and characterized reference standards.

Drug metabolites

GlycoSyn carries out enzymatic glucuronidation reactions on compounds in a way that mimics the processes occurring naturally in our bodies and then purifies the resultant products for use as analytical standards.We have experience in production of glucuronides from milligram to gram scale using either synthetic or enzymatic methodologies.Our in-house NMR, UPLC, and LCMS facilities allow us to provide material that meets tight client specifications for identity and purity.