From large pharmaceutical companies to biotech start-ups, we're fast becoming the 'go-to company' for our US-based client's drug discovery projects.



We first opened our dedicated business development and customer service branch in the United States in 2009.

Since then, we have worked with a variety of clients from large pharmaceutical firms, research institutes and government entities, to biotech start-ups.

We have delivered compounds and data resulting in successful IND submissions for our US clients and been engaged in late-stage development and validation of two recent processes.

Having a presence in this market helps us understand and respond to our client's needs, and form close working relationships with our clients.


What our US clients like about us:

  • Exceptional level of expertise and technical resources to meet quality targets
  • Reliable technical advice
  • Detailed reporting and regular updates
  • Flexible project development to meet client needs
  • Easy access to key project on-site staff
  • A great group of people to work with

Who to contact?

If you're based in the US and want to discuss your chemistry research, discovery and development needs, contact Richard Lauricella, our dedicated GlycoSyn Business Development Manager in the USA.



"IP is weightless and drug compound manufacture is often small-scale, so geographical location is no longer a barrier to global development. Our clients’ have access to leading international researchers and their precious intellectual property is well protected in our New Zealand-based research laboratories and ICH Q7-equivalent cGMP manufacturing facilities.

We are also able to apply our small molecule carbohydrate expertise across a wide range of pharmaceutical research areas from orphan drug development to complex custom glycan arrays, biomarkers and the creation of exacting analytical standards"


Richard Lauricella, GlycoSyn Business Development Manager, USA