With deep expertise and our signature 'can-do' Kiwi attitude, we've worked alongside our clients since 2003 to provide the scientific expertise, rigorous methods, and state-of-the-art technology to solve their most complex chemistry challenges.

GlycoSyn: A quality achiever, a safe pair of hands


Based in Wellington, New Zealand, GlycoSyn is a world leader in the development and manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s) for pre-clinical and clinical trials, ranging from conventional small molecules to polymers, dendrimers, and complex oligosaccharides. We have been involved in carbohydrate chemistry and multi-synthesis on our Wellington site since 1985, and cGMP manufacture since 2003.

We are based in New Zealand, but our strong track record, our solid US client base and effective international partnerships put us at the very heart of the global industry. We are proud to be known for our ability to solve complex problems for clients worldwide, and for our dedication to extending discovery frontiers in the pharmaceutical industry.

What’s more, we are a fun, nimble, and transparent organization, driven by a “can-do” pioneering Kiwi spirit, and a friendly, easy-access approach with a strong work ethic.

Safety and quality are vitally important to us, but we also have a good head for business. We fiercely guard clients’ intellectual property. Our “right first-time” approach helps large and small clients gain a competitive advantage by reducing time to market and alleviating the technical and regulatory risks associated with drug development.



"No chemistry is too tricky, no engineering challenge too demanding, and no manufacture too small. We’re highly motivated and passionate about chemistry and pharmaceutical development. It’s what gets us out of bed in the mornings."

-Dr Paul Benjes, General Manager, GlycoSyn


Value Proposition


Working with clients all over the world, our mission is to deliver high-quality and fast-paced drug substance development and manufacture to enable human proof-of-concept studies and more effective targeted treatment for some of the world’s major diseases.

  • GlycoSyn focuses on offering a customer-centric business, built around open and honest communication and easy access to an outstanding pool of dedicated experts.
  • We are committed to individual and collective performance standards that deliver above and beyond client expectations.
  • Quality and safety are key to us. We encourage a culture where individuals contribute to and take responsibility for quality in all aspects of development and manufacturing.
  • The nature of our work involves close collaboration, both with our R&D partners and within GlycoSyn. We seek to build strong working partnerships to advance the needs of our clients.
  • Our goal is to provide our clients a seamless path from early API discovery to development, scale-up, and manufacture.
  • Our 'right first time' approach can help you gain a competitive advantage by reducing time to market and alleviating the technical and regulatory risks associated with drug development.

What we offer our clients:

  •     A dedicated PhD-qualified project manager supported by a concentrated team of highly-educated, experienced staff and state-of-the art facilities
  •     Rigorous quality assurance and regulatory documentation
  •     Regular reporting to ensure you have involvement in, and visibility of, every step of the project
  •     Flexible pricing to meet your budget across FTE Research, time or material projects, and fixed-price projects
  •     Guaranteed ownership of any process improvements and protection of your intellectual property