GlycoSyn provides synthetic route evaluation and development, process development, kilogram scale non-GMP and GMP manufacture of investigational new drugs and specialty commercial ingredients under contract to pharmaceutical companies around the globe.



Rational design, custom synthesis and route optimization.
  • Our highly experienced Research division provides custom synthesis services on a fee-for-service basis and can be engaged to assist with the selection, optimization and small-scale syntheses of lead drug candidates.

Process Development

Process optimization and pilot-scale manufacture
  • Our safe, speedy scale-up of multi-step chemical processes provides clients with larger quantities of APIs for pre-clinical evaluation with full supporting documentation to facilitate regulatory submissions.

Analytical Services

Method development, stability studies
  • We offer in-process control, product release, and stability data, as well as full analytical method development and validation to meet ICH requirements for APIs. Our analytical services are offered on-site, therefore method development is conducted in parallel with process development and manufacture. This concurrent approach allows both workflows to evolve in unison, expediting process development, and keeping timelines to a minimum.

GMP Manufacture

Carbohydrates, multi-step synthesis, small molecules, dendrimers
  • We manufacture APIs by chemical synthesis at any scale for pre-clinical or clinical trials and specialty commercial applications in our state-of-the art, licensed cGMP manufacturing facilities. Our expertise spans carbohydrates, multi-step synthesis, small molecules, and polymers.

Online Sales

Carbohydrates, inositols, azasugars, glycosylated amino acids
  • GlycoSyn also sells a range of high-quality specialty chemicals and natural products via our online catalogue.