Cost effective quality and close customer relationships

Paul Benjes, General Manager, GlycoSyn
Dr Paul Benjes, General Manager, GlycoSyn

“GlycoSyn has doubled in size since it was established in 2003, and today it would be hard to find a CRO/CMO anywhere in the world that can replicate the combination of carbohydrate and complex chemistry expertise with cGMP manufacture. Our links with leading chemists at the Ferrier Research Institute are an integral part of our value proposition. We have a strong track record in the drug discovery space and a solid reputation with industry regulators. Together, we are one of the world’s biggest and brightest carbohydrate entities.

Superior quality assurance at a competitive price

Our key differentiator is our ability to tackle complex engineering and chemistry problems and help de-risk the CM&C component of drug development for our clients, right through successful regulatory submissions. We also understand that the product offering is not just about shipping material, but is as much about the information package. The quality of that information is of fundamental importance. You can’t stamp quality on a product as it exits your facility. It has to be built in and built up from the very start, and this why quality assurance features strongly in all stages of our operation.
So how can we achieve that level of quality at the right price for clients worldwide? Thanks to our “right first time” approach, and, while this might surprise you, our New Zealand location.

Consistent, easy access to friendly experts

GlycoSyn has a stable, highly-educated international workforce. Once staff come here, they stay, so we benefit from a deep pool of experience to ensure we get things right the first time round. New Zealand is a safe and law-abiding country, with clear, easy-to-navigate business processes and a great respect for intellectual property. Being open and transparent is part of our culture. At GlycoSyn, we operate a no-surprises policy, by resolving issues together with clients as they arise.
We are happy to jump on the phone to clients in Europe, the US or Asia at any time because we realize how important it is for them to have ready access to experts at any time. That friendly flexibility is what brings customers back to us again and again."